Lego Animal Crossing set names and prices have been revealed

by Danny Craig  · 
Lego Animal Crossing set names and prices have been revealed

The names and prices of the upcoming Animal Crossing Lego sets have been officially revealed.

The details:

  • As spotted by VGC, Lego leaker maxbautede has shared the names of the sets alongside their previously leaked set numbers, with 1414falconfan then connecting the dots to reveal their individual prices. The information was then verified by exabrickslegogo_, who was responsible for the initial leak of the collaboration's existence.
  • Following the leak, Nintendo has now officially confirmed that the sets will be released in March 2024, along with a new video showcasing the builds. A number of items and decals from the games, such as bags of bells, coins, apples, and the window decorations in Nook's Cranny, can be seen in the short clip.
  • The sets, as expected, are based on some of the series' most popular characters. The full details from the official Lego site can be found below:
    • 77046 – Julian’s Birthday Party – $15.99 (170 pieces)
    • 77047 – Bunnie’s Outdoor Adventures – $19.99 (164 pieces)
    • 77048 – Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour – $29.99 (233 pieces)
    • 77049 – Isabelle’s House Visit – $39.99 (389 pieces)
    • 77050 – Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House – $74.99 (535 pieces)

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