Impressive Real-time Wave Simulations Created with Fluid Simulation Tool

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Impressive Real-time Wave Simulations Created with Fluid Simulation Tool

Principal VFX Artist Jason Key has harnessed the power of EmberGen, a real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool, to create stunning wave simulations in Unreal Engine. EmberGen stands out in the industry with its unique flipbook workflow, allowing users to generate game-ready flipbooks in a matter of seconds. Traditionally, such tasks could take over a week to accomplish, but EmberGen delivers real-time volumetric simulations, significantly speeding up the iteration process. The tool also offers the advantage of deterministic simulations, ensuring consistency in project results.

EmberGen, developed by JangaFX, aligns with their mission to provide cutting-edge real-time VFX tools tailored to the specific needs of artists and designers in the video game and film industries. This tool empowers creators to simulate and render various phenomena, from fire and smoke to explosions, with ease and precision.

EmberGen's emphasis on real-time simulations and its user-friendly flipbook workflow has the potential to revolutionize the way VFX artists approach their craft, streamlining the creation process and allowing for faster iterations and experimentation. As EmberGen continues to evolve and empower creators with its cutting-edge capabilities, it solidifies its position as a game-changer in the realm of real-time VFX production.

Find out more about EmberGen here.

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