Halo Infinite could be receiving new version of Reach’s Forge World

by Danny Craig  · 
Halo Infinite could be receiving new version of Reach’s Forge World

New leaks show that the fan-favorite Forge World map from Halo: Reach could be making a return in Halo Infinite as a new canvas for its forge mode.

The details:

  • Halo reporter Rebs Gaming uploaded a short video to YouTube showing a series of images of what appears to be an in-development version of Forge World inside Halo Infinite. The four images show different areas of the alleged canvas, with some noticeable differences from the original version of the map found in 2010’s Halo: Reach.
  • The anonymous source who provided the screenshots explained that the images were sent to demonstrate that Forge World was being "massively expanded." This is evident in two of the images, which show what appears to be a playable area above the cliffside waterfall and on the canyon sides, both of which were inaccessible under normal circumstances in the original map.
  • Forge World is instantly recognizable to those who have played Reach, with many popular game modes and maps being built using its terrain back in the day. Although we don't know when or if the canvas will be available, it's likely that many players will flock to craft game modes on the now-iconic map using Infinite's extensive Forge toolset.

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