Guerrilla’s Horizon multiplayer game could be available on mobile

by Danny Craig  · 
Guerrilla’s Horizon multiplayer game could be available on mobile

A recent job listing has been spotted that hints towards some form of mobile release for Horizon’s upcoming multiplayer offering.

The details:

  • Publication Tech4gamers discovered a recently posted job ad for the position of "Game Writer" on the Horizon co-op multiplayer project. Anyone interested in applying for the position must have "at least one shipped, narrative-heavy mobile or indie game, or at least one year at a AAA studio," according to the description. While this does not guarantee that the game will be available on mobile, it is most likely that the studio has targeted the platform for release.
  • Screenshots of an early build of the game were leaked a few weeks ago, revealing the game's new "unique stylized look," as mentioned by Guerrilla, which is a departure from the realistic look of the mainline entries. It's unclear whether the style change was simply a choice made by Guerrilla to change things up for the spin-off or to ensure the game could run on mobile devices. Although the original post has been removed from Reddit, some of the images can still be found in an article from tech4gamers.
  • Attempts to incorporate a multiplayer mode into the Horizon series date back to the original Horizon Zero Dawn, though Guerrilla abandoned the idea early on in order to focus on other areas of development. The upcoming entry will be the first time that players will be able to explore the series' universe alongside one another.

What’s going on with Guerrilla?

  • A Horizon: Forbidden West DLC expansion titled Burning Shores is currently in the works, with a planned release date of April 19, 2023. A PlayStation 5 exclusive, the DLC takes place in Los Angeles' overgrown volcanic ruins, with Aloy returning as the main protagonist.
  • PlayStation VR 2 exclusive Horizon: Call of the Mountain will release on February 22 alongside the headset. The game just went gold, and it looks like it brings a completely new perspective on the combat and exploration found in the mainline titles.
  • It was revealed during a 2022 Sony investor briefing that a Horizon Netflix series was currently being worked on. Steve Blackman’s Irish Cowboy Productions is producing the series alongside its own series, Orbital. There is no word on when the series will be released, but it appears to be in the early stages of development, so it will be a few years away.
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