Genshin Impact leaker criticizes miHoYo’s poor security after releasing details of the new region

by Danny Craig  · 
Genshin Impact leaker criticizes miHoYo’s poor security after releasing details of the new region

An anonymous leaker has shared a massive amount of information about Genshin Impact's upcoming 4.0 patch but has also chastised the game's developer for its lax security measures and the "clout hierarchy" within the leaking scene.

The details:

  • Several files, including images and artwork from Genshin's major 4.0 patch, which reveals new weapons and characters and gives us a look at the new region Fontaine, were recently leaked to 4chan. Arlecchino, the poster, shared the data with a simple "Enjoy," and the files have since spread to other platforms, including Twitter and Reddit.
  • Arlecchino included a message to other high-profile leakers, specifically Plusle/HutaoLover, Linze, Bbb, Thereallo, and Kuroo, in the files. "So much of the leak in its current state, when related to Genshin, is an entire clout hierarchy," said the leaker. "People (some more than others) leak with the goal of getting popular and having a persona around said leaking. People will backstab and share things they are not supposed to; people will share things without knowing the true context around them to be the ones who did it first." Arlecchino concluded that one goal of the leak was to "end" other leakers' clout-chasing practices and that there would be "no more looking up to XYZ in the hopes of getting a better-quality image.”
  • Arlecchino also went after developer MiHoYo/HoYoverse, criticizing its lack of security, which led to the leaks in the first place. "You are a multimillion company. You could tighten your security. You do not, however," Arlecchino wrote. "At most on art, there is a ridiculously pointless overlay that, while it may detect ‘this was leaked, it does not give anything about who, when, why, or how. In addition, it is also extremely easy to remove." The leaker then suggested that the company implement additional security measures in the future, such as individually watermarking images, attaching dates, and adding overlays to monitors to track where leaks occur.

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