Footage of Neversoft's canceled sci-fi Call of Duty has been leaked

by Danny Craig  · 
Footage of Neversoft's canceled sci-fi Call of Duty has been leaked

Footage of a canceled Xbox 360 Call of Duty title from former Tony Hawk developer Neversoft has been leaked, revealing a sci-fi setting built in the Modern Warfare 2 engine.

The details:

  • The footage, posted to X by @mangafigurines, shows early campaign gameplay of "Future Warfare." The video depicts what appears to be an assault on an American moonbase, with the player tasked with defending it using futuristic-style weapons. In a longer follow-up video, the mission appears to be well into development, with all of the usual cinematic moments found in COD campaigns.

  • Former Neversoft developer Brian Bright responded to the tweet, confirming that the footage was real and that the project's internal codename was "NX1." According to Bright, the studio was tasked with developing a new COD after several key Infinity Ward developers founded Respawn Entertainment.

  • Bright also stated that the NX1 was supposed to be released instead of Ghosts in 2013, with Neversoft having completed "2-3 campaign missions, and a bunch of MP work." Its multiplayer was said to include the series' first Escort game mode.

  • X user @catgurlfriend has also shared some multiplayer gameplay that looks very similar to the original MW2, with a mix of new and reused assets. All of its maps from this point in development were also revealed, including "Whiteout," "Apartment," and some with strange placeholder names like "BENK," and "Bin Laden's Compound."

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