First official Zelda Lego set reportedly arriving in 2024

by Danny Craig  · 
First official Zelda Lego set reportedly arriving in 2024

It has been reported that Nintendo will once again collaborate with Lego to release a set featuring The Legend of Zelda's Great Deku Tree this year.

The details:

  • According to notable Lego leakers Brickmerge and 1414falconfan, a 2,500-piece set featuring Ocarina of Time’s Great Deku Tree will be released this year, most likely in September. Brickmerge also revealed that the total piece count will be around 2,500.

  • Last year, Nintendo began to take action against videos that featured an image of what appears to be the Great Deku Tree set, which had been leaked from an internal document. If this is the same set, Young Link and Zelda will be included, along with a display stand for the tree.

  • From the leaked image, it seems that this may be the first Nintendo Lego set to include its characters in a classic minifigure style as opposed to the custom molds and interactive figures found in its Animal Crossing and Mario sets.

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