Final Fantasy Tactics remaster teased by Square Enix producer

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy Tactics remaster teased by Square Enix producer
Square Enix

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama has hinted that the leaked remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics is in the works.

The details:

  • During a recent interview with the French Final Fantasy community site, Finaland, Hazama was asked about the notable absence of fan favorites in the upcoming Theatrhythm entry, including those from 1997’s Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Despite the fact that the characters are all from the same franchise, Hazama responded that in order for them to be included in Theatrhythm, the team must consult with the staff who are responsible for the titles from which they originate. He uses Final Fantasy VII as an example, stating that the team would need to discuss with character designer Tetsuya Nomura about how a character should be portrayed in the spin-off, ensuring that their appearance aligns with the original vision.
  • The producer went on to say that "the Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment" and that they are "heavily involved in another project." Although not explicitly referring to a specific project, fans have speculated that this is most likely the previously leaked Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, which was found in the GeForce Now database alongside other confirmed and rumored titles. Square Enix has yet to confirm the existence of the remasters. Still, with projects in the database being revealed following the leak, such as Kingdom Hearts IV, and notable staff at the developer openly discussing the series, we could see a reveal soon.

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