Forspoken’s credits don’t include any of its localization team

by Danny Craig  · 
Forspoken’s credits don’t include any of its localization team
Square Enix

Luminous Productions’ action RPG Forspoken has already been beaten, and some players have spotted that the credits are missing the names of some team members that worked on the game.

The details:

  • Forspoken has finally arrived on PlayStation 5 and PC after a week of leaks, including footage of the first hour and final boss battle. Because of time zones, New Zealanders were able to get their hands on the game before the rest of the world, resulting in an eight-hour playthrough of the game already being uploaded to YouTube.
  • Twitter users have noticed that the credits for the localization and QA teams are extremely brief, with only three localization staff and a single QA tester being named. The unusually short section is immediately followed by a wall of sub-contractors, indicating that many people were likely overlooked in the credits, despite the game's 13 different language options.
  • This is just one of many recent examples of localization staff not receiving credit for their work in gaming, with the hashtag #TranslatorsInTheCredits becoming increasingly popular. There’s even a Twitter account now dedicated to pointing out which companies have failed to recognize the people behind the translations in their games.

In other Square Enix-related news:

  • Former Square Enix studio Crystal Dynamics has announced that its superhero brawler, Marvel’s Avengers, will receive its final update in March before support and sales are suspended in September 2023. Initially released in 2020, the game received mixed reviews and was surrounded by controversy due to its late addition of purchasable consumables.
  • Battle royale title Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has officially shut down as of January 11, 2023. The game only being released on mobile devices meant it struggled to maintain a healthy player base, with Square Enix stating “we were unable to deliver the experience we were hoping to," causing its closure a little more than a year after launch.
  • The latest mainline title, Final Fantasy XVI, is still in development with a targeted release date of June 22, 2023. It marks a return to the traditional fantasy theme and will feature a mix of classic and modern Final Fantasy. The game will launch exclusively on PS5 for six months, with an Xbox release likely to follow in 2024.
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