Fable could make an appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase

by Danny Craig  · 
Fable could make an appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase

A new post from Xbox’s official Twitter account has fans speculating that an announcement relating to the Fable reboot could be coming soon.

The details:

  • Fans noticed that both the music and the video in a new tweet promoting the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 included hints that Fable may appear at the show. The video depicts someone following a glitter trail through their home until they arrive at their desk, where a monitor displays a promotional video for the showcase. It was quickly pointed out that glitter resembles the glowing trail featured in previous Fable games, which led players to their quest objectives.
  • The music used in the short clip is also related to Fable as it is similar to the music found in Bowerstone South, a major location in the original Fable. Bowerstone has appeared in all mainline Fable games in some capacity, evolving dramatically over the course of 500 years from a town to Albion's capital city. Microsoft Studios Head Matt Booty has previously stated that he wants to show off Fable after playing a build of the game, so we could see a new take on Bowerstone at the showcase.
  • Fans have been waiting for an update on the new Fable since the series' last major entry, Fable Anniversary, a remaster of the first game, was released almost a decade ago in 2014. Playground Games, best known for their work on the Forza Horizon franchise, is developing the new title, which will use the ForzaTech engine that the team is familiar with. So far, little is known, with Microsoft and Playground keeping everything under wraps except for the release of a teaser trailer in 2020.

Other upcoming games:

  • A reboot of the survival horror series Alone in the Dark will release in October 2023, with a free playable prologue available now on major platforms. In the prologue, players assume the role of Grace, a young girl who explores the Derceto Mansion in order to send a letter to protagonist Emily Hartwood.
  • The remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, titled Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, has been revealed after years of speculation. The game will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with its release date currently unknown. Konami is also releasing a collection of ports of the first three Metal Gear Solid titles for modern platforms in Autumn 2023.
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