Exciting New Game Concept Where Dinosaurs Fight with Swords

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Exciting New Game Concept Where Dinosaurs Fight with Swords
DinoBlade | Jean Nguyen

Senior Gameplay Animator Jean Nguyen, currently employed at Sucker Punch Productions, has been captivating the gaming community with a new personal project known as "Dino-Sword." Nguyen has been actively sharing gameplay updates on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), providing glimpses of the game's unique concept: dinosaurs engaged in sword battles.

Despite being in the early stages of development, with just three weeks of work invested, the clips shared by Jean Nguyen reveal impressive weapon animations featuring two Spinosauruses in combat. The concept has garnered substantial approval and enthusiasm from both gamers and fellow game developers alike. Comments from the community include remarks like, "I genuinely think this has something so unique and full of potential," and "Dinosaurs and swords, this is a thing I'd have to try for sure," highlighting the intrigue surrounding the project.

Interestingly, Dino-Sword enters the gaming scene during a surge in demand for dinosaur-themed games, with several other projects in the works. One notable example is "Instinction," an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Hashbane Interactive in New Zealand. Gamers are eagerly anticipating these diverse offerings in the world of dinosaur gaming.

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