EA forms new team to tackle The Sims 4's bugs and technical issues

by Danny Craig  · 
EA forms new team to tackle The Sims 4's bugs and technical issues
Electronic Arts

EA has announced that a new team has been formed to address bugs and other technical issues that have plagued the game for some time.

The details:

  • The publisher announced the plan in a post to the official Sims X account, stating that the team will "invest in the core game experience," which includes fixing a variety of performance and content-related bugs. “We know that technical issues with The Sims 4 have interrupted your gameplay over time and we recognize that this has caused you much frustration,” the statement reads. “Today, we can share that we have assembled a team to invest in the core game experience, including tackling your reported concerns.”

  • This means the game will receive more frequent fixes, with the first patch set to be released by the end of May and subsequent updates scheduled every two months thereafter. EA has also released a "Laundry List" of issues that will be addressed in the update on The Sims 4 Newsroom, which covers both the base game and its many expansions.

  • Over a decade after its release, The Sims 4 has grown to include over 70 DLC packs and expansions, as well as community mods, making the game more unstable. For years, players have reported lag, crashes, and issues with various gameplay features failing to function as intended, with one user on the game's subreddit pointing out a bug that has existed since 2016 will finally be addressed.

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