Deviation Games’ reportedly canceled PlayStation exclusive had a budget of over $50 million

by Danny Craig  · 
Deviation Games’ reportedly canceled PlayStation exclusive had a budget of over $50 million

Following layoffs at the studio, it has been claimed that its upcoming project had a budget of $50 million, with it now being canceled by Sony.

The details:

  • Former employees at Sony-backed studio Deviation Games revealed that a large portion of its workforce was laid off last week, with sources claiming that up to 90 people were directly affected. Former software engineer Kyle Perras stated that the company had encountered a "difficult situation," and neither Sony nor Deviation Games have responded to questions about the circumstances as of yet.
  • Twitter user Timur222 discovered that Shaun E., the developer's former Chief Operating Officer, mentions on his LinkedIn profile that he "oversaw relationships and budgets," with the budget being "in excess of $50 million." The COO left in October 2021, so the budget may have grown even larger over time.
  • The same user also claimed to have spoken with a former Deviation Games employee, asking, "Do you know why Sony canceled your project?" to which the employee replied, "Really not sure, other than probably cost-cutting." If the claim of cancelation is true, it could be related to the project's budget; however, it's also possible that the claim is false and simply a misunderstanding on the part of the former staff member.
  • There is little information available about the project other than the fact that it will be an original IP. Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell, both former members of the Call of Duty: Black Ops team who worked as writers and co-studio heads at Treyarch, founded the studio. Blundell left Deviation in September 2022, and several new staff with experience on Call of Duty and the God of War series joined around the same time, suggesting that the game could be a shooter of some kind based on the previous work of the studio’s top-level talent.

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