Developers pay tribute to E3 following the announcement of its cancellation

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Developers pay tribute to E3 following the announcement of its cancellation
Entertainment Software Association

After the cancellation of this year's E3, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced yesterday that E3 is no more, prompting many prominent developers to share memories of their time at the trade show.

The details:

  • The ESA announced the end of E3 on its website and social media yesterday, marking the end of the iconic show after over 20 years. Although many expected the announcement after E3 2023 was canceled and ReedPop ended its partnership with ESA, it was still disappointing news for the industry as a whole.

  • Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear, paid tribute on X, explaining the significance of E3 over the years, particularly for foreign developers, as it allowed studios from all over the world to connect before the internet became as prevalent as it is now. “The end of E3 is sad news,” Kojima said. “Without E3, Japanese creators and titles would not have made it to the world as much as they have. It was easy to connect with people from all over the world by attending parties and conferences. I have nothing but gratitude. Thank you E3!”

  • Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser, Santa Monica Studio creative director Cory Barlog, and former Nintendo Head of Social and E3 Lead Kit Ellis also shared their thoughts on the event, saying it was "hard to overstate the number of unforgettable moments it gave all of us," and that attending as a developer had the power to change your "whole outlook."

  • Despite Geoff Keighley's dismissal of the suggestion, the industry is now viewing Summer Game Fest as the "successor" to E3 for the more modern digital age, with many publishers opting to attend the newer show to reveal their upcoming titles due to lower costs across the board.

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