Destiny’s Commander Zavala will now be voiced by Keith David

by Danny Craig  · 
Destiny’s Commander Zavala will now be voiced by Keith David

Following the passing of Lance Reddick earlier this year, fans of Bungie's shooter were concerned about Commander Zavala's future in the franchise, and it has now been announced that veteran actor Keith David will take over the role.

The details:

  • Despite Reddick's death, the developer confirmed in a new blog post that it intends to keep the character around for the foreseeable future, as Zavala has been "central" to the series' story since 2014. Beginning with the next expansion for Destiny 2, "The Final Shape," Zavala will be voiced by Keith David.
  • David is best known to many gamers as the voice of Captain Anderson in Mass Effect, Julius Little (and himself) in Saint's Row, Sgt. Foley in the original Modern Warfare 2, and the Arbiter in the Halo franchise, beginning when Bungie was still the franchise's developer. In addition to gaming, he has appeared in several popular TV shows and films, including Rick and Morty, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Thing.
  • Bungie has also confirmed that, despite the change in voice actor, none of Reddick's existing lines in the game, including those used in The Final Shape, will be re-recorded by David. Fans have reacted positively to the news, with many grateful that Bungie not only hired a skilled and legendary actor but also someone capable of maintaining Zavala's current personality and traits.

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