Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion will overhaul the base game

by Danny Craig  · 
Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion will overhaul the base game
CD Projekt

After months of speculation, more information about Cyberpunk's first and only expansion has been revealed; however, its recent trailer omitted some key details about what to expect from the DLC.

The details:

  • At the Xbox Games Showcase, CD Projekt finally showed off its Phantom Liberty DLC, giving us a better look at Dog Town, the new area of Night City where the expansion will take place. We also got a glimpse of new characters, such as Solomon Reed, an FIA agent played by Idris Elba, who protagonist V will meet during the spy thriller story. The DLC will be available for $30 on September 26, with pre-orders available now, and those who pre-order will receive the Quadra Vigilante muscle car.
  • In addition to the new content, creative director Pawel Sasko told VGC that "all the core, main systems of the game have been redone or updated in a major way" with the DLC. The "biggest" changes, according to Sasko, are related to the perks and skill trees, which have been rebuilt from the ground up, providing players with more usable abilities rather than stat changes, such as a dash, bullet-deflecting, and finishers. Similarly, Cyberware, the upgrade implants V can have installed at a Ripperdoc, has been revamped, with new "relic points" used to upgrade the implants and a new capacity system in which equipping too much cyberware can result in harsh consequences.
  • Another significant criticism of the original game is that its AI was mediocre, with traffic moving in a set path and enemies standing in the open or allowing grenades to land at their feet in cover. This is now tackled with new enemy archetypes, dynamic car chases, and a "different" difficulty curve. Vehicle combat has also been added, with some cars equipped with guns and rockets, or V can shoot a handgun from the driver's seat or even use melee arms like a katana while riding a motorcycle.
  • The rocky launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has since become known as one of the worst AAA releases in gaming history, suffering from numerous technical issues such as crashes and stutters, as well as missing many gameplay systems that were supposed to appear, resulting in Sony removing the title from the PlayStation Store and offering refunds. Since then, CD Projekt has released several patches that have added new content as well as fixed the game's mountain of bugs. The game has since received positive feedback, with a "Mostly Positive" rating on Steam.

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