Creative Assembly is hiring for a new Total War game

by Danny Craig  · 
Creative Assembly is hiring for a new Total War game

Creative Assembly, the developer of Total War, has confirmed that a new title is in the works and has begun hiring for the project.

The details:

  • A new job posting for a "Release Manager" to join Creative Assembly's Total War team has been discovered on the company's careers site.
  • The chosen candidate will work on "setting up the processes for a release and beyond" for a "brand new Total War title." There are currently no other details about the project, including its name and setting, which have yet to be revealed by the studio.
  • A job listing for a senior VFX artist mentions "new projects within the Total War franchise," which would most likely include the game above as well as upcoming content for Total War: Warhammer III from last year.

What else is Creative Assembly working on?

  • The studio's next title is HYENAS, a multiplayer shooter with the unusual premise of players fighting over pop culture merchandise in a "broken" world after billionaires have relocated to Mars. Participants in the playtest earlier this year had mixed reactions, with the gunplay being both praised and criticized for the overall feeling. However, its zero-gravity zones were highly popular.
  • Total War: Warhammer III was released in February 2022 with positive reviews from both players and critics. Recently, game director Richard Aldridge announced in a video to fans that the game would receive three DLCs in 2023, with the first coming in April after the studio adds the "finishing touches." He also added that updates "full of new content, fixes, and improvements" would be arriving throughout the year.
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