Chucklefish gives $4.6K raise to employees to help with cost of living

by Adam Fitch  · 
Chucklefish gives $4.6K raise to employees to help with cost of living

London-based game developer Chucklefish has assisted its employees financially to help combat the cost of living crisis.

Soaring salaries: The decision was made public by Community Manager Alexis Trust on Twitter.

  • The salaries of all Chucklefish employees have been raised by $4.6K (£4K).
  • This comes after the developer increased pay by 10% back in April to help deal with the surging cost of living in Europe.
  • Chucklefish changed its working schedule to a four-day work week in 2021 with no decrease in pay, giving employees an extra day away from the office each week without additional financial stress.

Every little helps: The salary increase received lots of attention and plaudits on social media.

  • While not likely to be exact, 17 people list Chucklefish as their employer on LinkedIn. Trust also shared that the studio has been "majority female" at around 60% for three years.
  • The developer spoke on the wage increase via Twitter, stating that it's "really fulfilling" and it hopes that other studios consider doing the same for their employees.
  • Inflation in the United Kingdom is sitting at 10.1% as per the Office for National Statistics and the energy price cap is set to increase costs significantly for most households even further in October.
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