Arkane is reportedly revealing its new project at The Game Awards

by Danny Craig  · 
Arkane is reportedly revealing its new project at The Game Awards

Leaks claim that Arkane Lyon, best known for the Dishonored franchise, is preparing to reveal its next release at The Game Awards tomorrow.

The details:

  • NateTheHate,a leaker with a solid track record, claimed on Reddit that they were informed that "Arkane's next game will be announced at TGA," with Stardock's Brad Sams responding to a tweet about the claim with an emoji implying the game will involve the use of a blade.

  • According to leaked documents from the Microsoft vs. FTC court case earlier this year, Dishonored 3 was in development as of 2020, making it an obvious choice for the announcement. It's unclear whether the game will be a direct continuation of previous entries, as Dishonored 2 marked the end of the current saga, so we could see a new protagonist, characters, and locations.

  • There's also a chance that it's not Dishonored but rather a new IP like Deathloop or a sequel to Arkane Austin's Prey reboot, which received positive feedback after its release. One thing we can expect is a single player title, as Arkane's reputation suffered early this year when its Austin studio released Redfall with numerous issues, some of which were related to its multiplayer functionality.

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