Skyrim's recent patch has broken mods and added a new paid marketplace

by Danny Craig  · 
Skyrim's recent patch has broken mods and added a new paid marketplace

Bethesda's most recent blunder is the studio's recent update to Skyrim Special Edition, which has enraged players not only by breaking previously working mods but also by adding a new paid marketplace for mods alongside new creations.

The details:

  • In a new update released yesterday for Skyrim Special Edition, Bethesda appears to have made some additions to its Creation Club system, which is essentially paid mods for both console and PC players. However, players are understandably irritated by the patch, as it has caused their existing mods that use the Script Extender tool to no longer function properly.

  • With the patch, mods and Creation Club content was brought under the same section of the menu titled “Creations” which also now features a marketplace where approved mod creators will be able to join Bethesda’s Verified Creator Program to sell mods.

  • Many see the new addition as the company attempting to take advantage of Skyrim's fanbase over a decade after launch, and that it shouldn’t have been added. This, combined with the company's recent decision to try to persuade fans that Starfield is worth playing on Steam, has led the community to view the marketplace as a desperate attempt to make some cash.

  • This is not the first time the studio has tried to sell community mods, having attempted to set up a similar system on Steam in 2015 before being met with enough backlash to force it to back down. Creation Club, which debuted two years later, was also met with criticism, but fans eventually overlooked it as the quality of mods was comparable to base game content and there were only a limited number of items available.

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