Apex Legends will have two $10 battle passes next season

by Danny Craig  · 
Apex Legends will have two $10 battle passes next season
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Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Apex Legends battle pass will be split into two full-priced passes next season, effectively doubling the price.

The details:

  • Respawn has confirmed that with the release of Season 22, it will release a shorter 60-tier battle pass for $10, with another to follow in the next "split" halfway through the season. It can now be purchased with real-world currency, as opposed to Apex Coins, which required players to buy 1,000 coins for $9.99 to get the pass.

  • Since the game's release, the premium battle pass has consisted of 110 tiers with various skins, crafting materials, Apex Packs, and enough Apex Coins to purchase the next season's pass if players completed it. According to EA, the new shorter passes will also include 1300 Apex Coins, as well as more materials and packs than before. However, with the shift to real money, those Apex Coins have significantly less value as they cannot be used to buy the next pass.

  • With the transition to a two-pass structure, Respawn introduced "Premium+" to replace the previous Premium bundle. This includes everything from the basic paid pass,

  • as well as additional legendary skins and the ability to play any legend while it is active, and costs $19.99.

  • EA claims that the decision makes the battle pass "more attainable and valuable for your time and money" and that after reviewing data from previous seasons, it needed to be "more approachable and realistic."

  • Unsurprisingly, the Apex community has not taken too kindly to the news, claiming that the decision is fueled by greed as EA has opted to charge the same price for the split passes. Some have also pointed out that many players have little time to play, and although the passes now only consist of 60 tiers, they may not be able to complete them in time due to the shorter timeframe.

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