Animal Crossing Lego sets reportedly releasing next year

by Danny Craig  · 
Animal Crossing Lego sets reportedly releasing next year

According to reports, Nintendo's social simulation series Animal Crossing may be the next major gaming franchise to get its own line of Lego sets.

The details:

  • Exabrickslegogo_, a Lego leaker, made the claim on their Instagram account, revealing that five different sets based on the games will be released in March 2024. Product numbers linked to the sets were discovered on Brickmerge, a site that uses a bot to collect information about new sets as soon as they are listed on Lego and other retailers' websites. Brick Clicker, a Lego YouTuber, also confirmed the leak.
  • The sets themselves are unknown, but it has been claimed that the game's minifigures will include special moulded heads instead of the standard Lego design, so we can expect characters like Tom Nook and Isabella to look similar to their digital counterparts. The number of pieces in the sets ranges from 170 to 535, implying that iconic locations such as Nook's Cranny and the player's home could be brought into brick form, most likely based on the versions found in New Horizons.
  • Nintendo has previously collaborated with Lego to create sets based on its IPs, such as the Super Mario line, which includes an adjustable Bowser and question block. It also released a recreation of the NES, complete with a TV playing the original Super Mario Bros. Aside from Nintendo, Lego has been releasing Minecraft sets since 2012, with Sonic The Hedgehog receiving four sets earlier this week.

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