An Indie Developer Is Creating an Open-World Game Where You Play as a Wolf

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An Indie Developer Is Creating an Open-World Game Where You Play as a Wolf
Tale Of A Wolf

Solo developer Luke Reilly is crafting an intriguing indie game titled "Tale Of A Wolf," built using the Unity engine. This game offers players a unique chance to step into the paws of an elemental wolf and embark on an immersive, story-driven adventure.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Sylvanna, an island teeming with natural beauty, players assume the role of guardians entrusted with preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem and safeguarding the life force of Gaia. However, tranquility takes a backseat when human settlers arrive, ushering in a conflict that disrupts the island's harmony.

As the central protagonist, players hold the reins to dictate the course of this clash. The game presents two primary paths: a stealthy approach involving the covert elimination of humans one by one, or a more explosive strategy where elemental powers – fire, earth, ice, water, and lightning – are harnessed to dismantle their encampments.

"Tale Of A Wolf" is a work in progress, but it promises a captivating array of features for players to sink their teeth into. Beyond the main narrative, the game boasts an assortment of engaging side quests, allowing players to further unravel the mysteries of Sylvanna. Notably, players can exercise creative freedom by customizing their wolf's appearance, adding a personal touch to their in-game persona.

At the heart of "Tale Of A Wolf" lies an open, immersive game world brimming with life and activity, waiting to be explored. This expansive environment invites players to venture beyond the main story's constraints and discover hidden secrets.

A standout facet of the game is its dynamic interaction with wolf packs. Players can forge alliances or rivalries with these packs, influencing the overall trajectory of the narrative.

Wishlist the game on Steam here.

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