Xbox may be replacing its current Rewards app soon

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox may be replacing its current Rewards app soon

According to reports, Xbox has begun informing players that its current Rewards app will be shut down soon to make way for a new "Rewards hub."

The details:

  • As shared on X by unofficial Xbox reporter Idle Sloth, a Brazilian Xbox user was met with a message when they opened the console's Rewards app, announcing that it will be shutting down in December, and will be replaced by a new Rewards Hub with some major changes. This message does not appear to have appeared in most other regions as of yet, and no official announcement has been made online.

  • The Rewards system allows players to earn points by completing certain challenges in-game and on the web on their consoles and PCs, searching with Bing, and purchasing games and additional content from the Xbox Store. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards, Game Pass subscriptions, and other content.

  • Although the move from the app does not appear to be a problem, some players have noted that streaks for completing weekly activities that provided a significant amount of points will likely be ended as a result of the change. Furthermore, the app's challenges have always stacked on top of those found on player profiles, implying that users will be given fewer opportunities to earn points, despite previous changes making it much more difficult to begin with.

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