Xbox is testing the ability to map keyboard keys to controller buttons

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox is testing the ability to map keyboard keys to controller buttons

Microsoft is now testing the ability for users to remap buttons on their controllers to keyboard keys for use in supported titles.

The details:

  • In the latest release notes for Xbox Insiders, it announced that those involved in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-ahead builds of the Xbox operating system are now able to remap buttons on their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers to keyboard keys within the Xbox Accessories app. All players need to do is create a new or edit an existing Accessories profile, and follow the mapping process shown. The function is also available on PC to Insiders who have joined the Windows Gaming preview from the Insider Hub.
  • Players can only map a button to a single key with any combination of modifier keys. For example, you can map the Xbox controller’s A button to an F key, or Ctrl+Shift+F, but not Ctrl+Shift+F+G. It’s also worth noting that the mapping feature does not work on PC for those connected via Bluetooth, so those looking to use it will need to connect their device with a USB or Xbox Wireless Adaptor.
  • The keyboard mapping will of course only work in games that support keyboard inputs either fully or partially, with many titles not supporting them whatsoever. However, the feature could still be useful for games, especially shortly, as Xbox consoles become more connected to PCs through crossplay releases on Game Pass. It could be particularly useful in the event any MMO titles release on the Series X/S, with controller players now able to create macro commands for chatting or general gameplay.

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