A new game is in the works from the developers of Gotham Knights

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A new game is in the works from the developers of Gotham Knights
WB Games

Just a month after the launch of Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal is already hiring for a new project. Here’s what we know so far.

The details:

  • Following the October release of Gotham Knights, a brand new job listing for a “Senior Concept Artist, Characters” has emerged on the careers site of WB Games Montreal.
  • The listing states that the candidate will be working on an “upcoming AAA console title”, resulting in speculation on whether the role will be focused on another Gotham game or a different DC property entirely. An insider report published by Variety earlier this year hinted that the parent company of Warner Bros. will be looking to utilize the full stable of DC characters in its future projects, after all.
  • Right now, there’s no info available about what this next project will be. Concept artists are some of the earliest hires in a game’s development cycle, so we can assume that the official reveal is still some time away.
  • Gotham Knights was released last month to mixed feedback, with many criticizing its gameplay and performance issues. It was also leaked that WB Games Montreal is working on a second game alongside it. This could be the IP mentioned in the job listing, although with the early stage that its recruitment is at it could also be a completely separate project.

The job:

Anybody interested in joining WB Games Montreal as its new character concept artist will need to be well experienced in the field.

  • The company is looking for artists with a minimum of five years professional experience, along with one published AAA title to their name.
  • Candidates will need to be experts in Photoshop, with a 2D/3D software like ZBrush being listed as a plus.
  • Art fundamentals, knowledge of human anatomy, and an understanding of how to accurately portray fashion are all important, too.
  • If you can bring that to the table, then you’ll be tasked with understanding the project’s creative vision, contributing to its art direction, and designing character concepts that help set the bar for other members of your team.

You can find the job listing mentioned in this article here.

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