The Super Mario Advance series is now available on Nintendo Switch Online

by Danny Craig  · 
The Super Mario Advance series is now available on Nintendo Switch Online

The first three titles in the Super Mario Advance series join the fourth game on the subscription service to complete the collection.

The details:

  • The entire Super Mario Advance series, which was originally released on the Game Boy Advance (GBA), is now available on Nintendo Switch Online. To access the titles, subscribers must be on the $49.99 premium tier of the service, which includes the "Expansion Pack," as GBA and Nintendo 64 games are not available to standard subscribers.
  • All of the games are remakes of previous Mario titles, with new visuals, sound, and, in some cases, new features such as saving and content, including extra levels. The first Super Mario Advance title is a re-release of Super Mario Bros. 2 and the original arcade Mario Bros. ; the second title is a reissue of the SNES classic Super Mario World; and the third title is the adorable Yoshi's Island. Super Mario Advance 4, a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3, was released in February as a launch title for the GBA portion of the service.
  • Nintendo's official website has already revealed which GBA releases will be added to the service next. Fan-favorite role-playing games Golden Sun and Fire Emblem, as well as Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and F-Zero Maximum Velocity, which feature impressive pseudo-3D graphics, are on the way, though no release dates have been announced.

More Nintendo news:

  • A young boy is suing Nintendo over the now-removed loot box system in Mario Kart Tour after spending $170 of his father's money on in-game purchases. The lawsuit demands that Nintendo refund minors in the United States who purchased premium currency to use the system.
  • Pac-Man 99, the free-to-play battle royale available via Nintendo Switch Online, will be shut down in August 2023. The game's DLC content will be removed first, followed by the closure of the title's online servers in October. Those who purchased it prior to the shutdown date will be able to play it offline.
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