The Day Before developer asks players to not accuse it of "scamming"

by Danny Craig  · 
The Day Before developer asks players to not accuse it of "scamming"

Fntastic, the developer behind the controversial MMO The Day Before, has issued a statement ahead of the game's December 7 release, asking players to stop accusing it of scamming people and apologizing for its marketing strategies.

The details:

  • The statement was posted to X and included multiple messages to various groups of people, including supporters and future players. It began stating that the game was made for the players and that the studio will continue to support it with updates and new content, and it later thanked supporters for "protecting" the company from "injustice and fakes."

  • A large section of the post is dedicated to those who "didn't believe" in the project, with the developer emphasizing that it does not hold grudges and apologizing for "not doing the best marketing and teasers." This was followed by requests to stop referring to the project as a "scam" as it "didn't take a penny from anyone," as well as claims that the game is not an asset flip and that players should not "underestimate" its work.

  • Although the release of such a statement seems odd, The Day Before's history is a mess, with a delay earlier this year due to a trademark issue with its title sparking a whole debate about whether the game was actually "real." This prompted Fntastic to declare its innocence, which was met with skepticism when it was revealed that the game's trailer had entire segments lifted from a Call of Duty trailer. The developer also hired unpaid volunteers, which sparked even more criticism.

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