PS4 emulator successfully boots Bloodborne and P.T, but you can’t play them

by Danny Craig  · 
PS4 emulator successfully boots Bloodborne and P.T, but you can’t play them

PlayStation 4 emulator RPCSX has become the first to run a copy of FromSoftware's Bloodborne and the demo of Hideo Kojima’s canceled P.T, though it is far from playable.

The details:

  • On August 2, the team behind RPCSX revealed that after more than a month of development, it had managed to get Bloodborne running on PC for the first time, but "run" simply means "boot," with the game currently unplayable. Despite the impressive feat of getting the game to boot in a month, the developers have also stated that the game and other PS4 titles may never be playable.
  • YouTuber BrutalSam has posted a video of the game booting up on a Linux PC. Due to the emulator's inability to display PS4 graphics at the moment, all that loads is a completely black screen, but it is running as RPCSX crashes/closes itself when it is unable to run a game, with its engine, game assets, and libraries all loading behind the scenes. According to BrutalSam, their PC's CPU and GPU usage were both around 80%, demonstrating that something is happening despite the inability to see it.
  • It's unclear when or if RPCSX will ever run playable games, but its development team is still working on the emulator, recently giving it a massive performance boost. In a new video, BrutalSam shows the boot-up of the indie title "We Are Doomed" reaching over 100 FPS, up from 10-40 before the update. Bloodborne was also tested and ran at a stable 30, and in the original video, Hideo Kojima's legendary P.T demo can also be seen running without any information similarly to Bloodborne. Given the fast development time, we may not have to wait too long before we see something even more impressive.

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