Steam is planning to allow users to hide individual games from others

by Danny Craig  · 
Steam is planning to allow users to hide individual games from others

Valve may be working on an update that will allow Steam users to hide specific games from their history, preventing other users from seeing that they've played them.

The details:

  • An upcoming Steam update, according to SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik on X, will include a new option "Mark as Private" to allow players to completely hide individual games from their history, preventing all Steam users, including friends, from seeing that you own them. Those who have “privated” the games will still be able to see and play them in their library.

  • As expected, the first reaction from users is to make fun of the idea of hiding questionable games from others that you may have recently played, particularly those focused on adult content. Some, on the other hand, intend to use it for more innocent purposes, with X user @Bearspacegoat now able to "play hello kitty online island adventures without shame."

  • Steam's privacy settings are currently quite broad, with users able to completely hide their libraries, friends lists, profile information, and other content. This in-development update appears to include improved parental controls, with Djundik reporting that it will allow parents to set playtime limits and allow their children to request purchases through the platform itself.

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