Starfield will release in September 2023 with a showcase in July

by Danny Craig  · 
Starfield will release in September 2023 with a showcase in July

Bethesda’s next major RPG title has finally gotten a release date after multiple delays. It is set to arrive on September 6, 2023.

The details:

  • On March 8, Bethesda released a cinematic announcement video revealing the new September 6 release date for its new space RPG Starfield. The game has already been delayed several times, with its original release date set for November 11, 2022, eleven years after the now-iconic Skyrim. It was then announced in May 2022 that it had been pushed back to the "first half of 2023," which seemed less likely as the year progressed without any official gameplay reveal or marketing.
  • Following the game's reported absence from the event, Microsoft confirmed that a Starfield-focused showcase would take place sometime after its first Developer_Direct. We now know that it will take place on June 11, following the Xbox summer showcase, where fans can expect more information about the game as well as updated gameplay, as the first gameplay demo is now eight months old.
  • Rumors of the showcase's announcement began to circulate last month, with VGC's Andy Robinson claiming that the announcement was "imminent" on February 14. Some fans speculated that a June release date was still possible, but it appears that Bethesda has opted to spend some extra time on development, which should mean fewer bugs than the studio's previous releases.

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