Fable receives a new trailer featuring Richard Ayoade

by Danny Craig  · 
Fable receives a new trailer featuring Richard Ayoade

Fable, Playground Games' reboot of the beloved Xbox franchise, now has a new trailer starring Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd.

The details:

  • Fable's new teaser trailer debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase after being teased on Twitter last week, giving us our first look at how the reboot compares to the original series. The trailer is styled as an interview with Dave, a "vegetable enthusiast" played by UK comedian Richard Ayoade, who also happens to be a giant. If the trailer has confirmed anything, it's that the series' trademark British humor has not been forgotten and will most likely play a significant role in its world-building.
  • We also see some gameplay, with the female hero fighting bandits with a sword and fireballs. Albion's world has also returned, with lush forests, pubs, and comically large vegetables, suggesting that Playground has ensured that the "fairytale land" retains the original games' strange characteristics. Aside from that, not much else was shown, except that we can kick chickens.
  • So far, all we know about Fable is that it is based on the ForzaTech engine, which has powered the Forza series since the original Forza Motorsport. It is not only familiar to Playground, Forza Horizon's developers, but it can also produce some stunning visuals while maintaining strong performance. It will, unsurprisingly, be exclusive, joining the majority of Xbox's other first-party titles as a day-one Game Pass release. Given Microsoft's preference to not provide a release date, we can safely assume we'll be waiting at least a year before the game hits stores.

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