Save the world with your robot companion in new Unreal Engine game

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Save the world with your robot companion in new Unreal Engine game

Antler Studios is an UK-based indie development team made up of three part-time devs. The game was fully funded in a Kickstarter that has allowed the Unreal Engine project to continue it's development progress.

You'll play as Edric Tate, a legendary alchemist, traveling the open-world forest of Dacrima along with your charismatic robot companion, L-P1N. Your mission is to explore the forest in order for you to save your planet from The Great Rot. Forage for strange and unique ingredients to craft interesting and outlandish potions as you search for a cure.

Set in the midst of a pandemic with the whole Empire counting on you, you must navigate the tough world while meeting quirky characters, looking after your house plants, and racing against Potentium Inc. hotshots!

In this magical steampunk forest, you must survive and your partner will be crucial in this! L-P1N is not only a friend and travel guide, but a placeable platform that you can use to cross crevasses, use to get to greater heights, and more!

Your robot companion isn't the only one with special skills. The bizarre flora and fauna you find can be used to create potions that grant you skills and abilities. They also can work on L-P1N and the world around you! Travel the sky on a carpet of clouds, cast crystal lasers, and even more.

You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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