Salary spreadsheet launched to promote transparency in UK games industry

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Salary spreadsheet launched to promote transparency in UK games industry

There's a spreadsheet making its way through the games industry in the UK and Ireland which encourages pay transparency.

The project: The salary spreadsheet is available for everyone to view.

  • Silent Games CEO Sally Blake leads the initiative, rebooting an antiquated version with the same premise.
  • Games industry workers are encouraged to contribute to the spreadsheet anonymously in order for people to get a general idea of the salaries for the vast array of roles available in games.
  • Over 1,300 people have contributed to the spreadsheet at the time of publication, with roles such as game designer, marketing & PR specialist, journalist, data scientist, and QA testers featuring throughout.

The findings: While the spreadsheet isn't complete by any means, it gives an interesting insight into the going salaries and rates in the industry.

  • Broken down into eight levels of seniority — from intern to C-suite and executives — the sheet shows the averages for different industry roles.
  • At the time of publication, the average salary for a game designer grows from £26,000 to £54,000 from a junior role to a leadership role.
  • In marketing and public relations, a junior role on average pays £25,000 whereas a leadership role averages £42,000. Roles of the same seniority in production have salaries of, on average, £28,000 and £73,500 respectively.