Japan is receiving a live-action drama series about playing Pokémon

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Japan is receiving a live-action drama series about playing Pokémon
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The new series, roughly translating to "Pocket Filled with Adventure," will follow a young woman as she rediscovers her love for Pokémon Red following a move to Tokyo.

The details:

  • According to the TV Tokyo website (via Serebii), the drama series will premiere on October 19, with a new episode airing on the channel every Thursday. Unlike Detective Pikachu, the series will not be set in the Pokémon world, but will instead focus on the act of playing the game on a Game Boy in real life, which is an unusual but intriguing concept for a show.
  • The show follows Madoka Akagi (Nanase Nishino), a young woman who has moved to Tokyo to work at a small advertising agency called "ADventure" after quitting her job at a seafood manufacturer. Amid the stress of working on a presentation that places the weight of ADventure's future on her shoulders, her mother sends her a childhood Game Boy along with a copy of Pokémon Red, prompting her to recognize the impact the game has had on her life.
  • It's unclear whether the series will be officially released globally, but it's likely to be based on how well the drama performs in Japan, though its ties to Pokémon mean it could be released without hesitation in the future. Until then, some fans will likely be willing to provide translations or summaries of the episodes for those looking to follow along from outside the country.

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