Rockstar Games reportedly working on a new VR project

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Rockstar Games reportedly working on a new VR project
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A new Borderlands project, a title from Genshin Impact developer miHoYo, and a VR release from Rockstar Games have all been mentioned on the resume of actor Michael Ursu.

The details:

  • ResetEra user Angie discovered Ursu's resume on the talent site Actors Access, which showcases a wide range of roles the actor has played in TV, film, and, most notably, video games. Ursu has reportedly appeared in several titles, including the recently released Wanderer VR, the upcoming Adamantus, and Silent Hill: Ascension. However, the mention of the actor playing a lead role in an "undisclosed" Borderlands project has piqued interest among fans. Gearbox hasn't confirmed that a new Borderlands game is in the works, so the project may be a fourth mainline game or a tie-in to the upcoming Borderlands film.
  • He has also reportedly worked on an undisclosed game for Honkai Star Rail developer miHoYo, leading some to speculate that the actor may be involved in the developer's rumored Star Wars project. But as one user suggested, the project in question could have been Honkai Star Rail or Zenless Zone Zero, as the page does not state when it was last updated.
  • The "Undisclosed Rockstar Game" listed under the "VR" section of the resume is the most intriguing of the unannounced projects. Outside of the Meta Quest 2 port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that was announced after the controversial GTA Trilogy remaster was released, Rockstar has yet to announce any VR projects in the works at the studio. The port of San Andreas is also believed to have been canceled internally, leading some to speculate that it could be a VR mode for the upcoming GTA 6, or even the soon-to-be decade-old GTA V, though there is hope that an entirely new title is in the works.

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