Redfall will only run in a 30 FPS quality mode at release

by Danny Craig  · 
Redfall will only run in a 30 FPS quality mode at release

Arkane Studios has announced that Redfall will only run at 30 frames per second (FPS) at launch, with a 60 FPS performance mode coming in an update at a later date.

The details:

  • Redfall developer Arkane has confirmed in a new Twitter post that the game will not be able to run at 60 FPS at launch on Xbox Series X/S due to the lack of a performance mode. Instead, the game will only have a "quality" mode that provides higher-quality visuals at 1440p or 4K depending on the console, with a 30 FPS cap as a tradeoff. Current-generation titles typically include both modes, giving players the option to prioritize between clearer visuals and a smoother gameplay experience. It's unclear when this update will be released, but given how popular higher frame rate options are, it's likely to arrive soon after the title's release, potentially hurting Redfall's sales from the start.
  • The reaction to the announcement has been overwhelmingly negative, with many fans pointing out that the vast majority of AAA games nowadays are released with both modes immediately available, with a strict 30 FPS limit typically reserved for releases on the weaker Nintendo Switch. Some have questioned why the game was not delayed to include the mode from the start, claiming that the decision is yet another example of the current trend of releasing unfinished games in order to please shareholders rather than caring about the overall quality of the title.
  • Redfall has previously been delayed, making this decision even more questionable with its original 2022 release date being pushed back to May 2, 2023. Some players lost interest in the vampire shooter prior to the announcement due to its always-online requirement and what was thought to be an in-game store, but the game's creative director, Harvey Smith, has come out to deny the inclusion of microtransactions and confirm that the studio is working on an offline mode. It's unclear whether we'll see another delay, but it seems unlikely given that the game's development has already taken a year longer than expected.

More Microsoft/Bethesda news:

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  • Chris Charla, head of ID@Xbox, has responded to comments made by several publishers and developers about the impact of Xbox Game Pass on sales and the industry as a whole, stating that the service is "additive," not "disruptive." Many people are concerned that the subscription model will result in lower profits for smaller studios because many players will use it to access games rather than purchase them, but Charla compared the situation to similar concerns about free-to-play games, which never surpassed the traditional sales model.
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