The complete list of public esports organizations and companies

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The complete list of public esports organizations and companies

After the industry was flooded with venture capital for a handful of years, esports organizations and supporting companies decided to take their businesses to the public. There's now a wide pool of competitive gaming companies that are open to retail investors, subsequently posting their financial information for all to see as to meet regulations.

With an increasing amount of esports companies hitting stock exchanges — FaZe Clan may be joining them before long — we've rounded them all up for your convenience.

Allied Esports

  • Stock exchange(s): Nasdaq
  • Sector(s): Tournament operations, venues

Relevant reading → Allied Esports loses $3.8M in first quarter of 2022


Relevant reading → Astralis posts $5.2M loss in 2021 financial year


  • Stock exchange(s): Nasdaq
  • Sector(s): Gambling

Enthusiast Gaming

Relevant reading → Enthusiast Gaming loses $8.6M in Q1 2022

ESE Entertainment

Esports Entertainment Group

  • Stock exchange(s): Nasdaq
  • Sector(s): Gambling, tournament operations

Relevant reading → Esports Entertainment Group plans to sell assets to offset financial challenges

FaZe Clan

  • Stock exchange(s): Nasdaq
  • Sector(s): Teams


Gamesquare Esports

Relevant reading → Complexity parent company Gamesquare lost $4M in Q1 2022


Relevant reading → Gfinity reveals $2.1M loss in second half of 2021

Guild Esports

Relevant reading → Guild Esports posts $6.1M loss in latest financial report

Leet Technology

  • Stock exchange(s): OTCQB
  • Sector(s): Tournament operations


OverActive Media

Relevant reading → OverActive Media loses $3.6M in Q1 2022

React Gaming Group

Real Luck Group


Relevant reading → Rivalry loses $5.2M in Q1 2022

Semper Fortis Esports

Simplicity Esports and Gaming

  • Stock exchange(s): OTCQB
  • Sector(s): Infrastructure, teams, venues

Super League Gaming

  • Stock exchange(s): Nasdaq
  • Sector(s): Tournament operations

The Gaming Stadium

Tiidal Gaming

X1 Esports & Entertainment

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