Passage: A beautiful scenic level in Unreal Engine 5

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Passage: A beautiful scenic level in Unreal Engine 5

Mumbai-based 3D and digital artist, Farrokh Irani, is working on a level set in a gorgeous candle-lit temple.

Irani created almost all props and level assets using substance modeler, stating that some were even direct imports from the modeler that had already been mapped.

When rendered, using Lumen and Nanite, the scene currently runs around 50-60 FPS.

As Irani is an artist, not a coder or rigger, they have worked incredibly hard to get the gameplay and creative assets working together cohesively in the same project and will be sharing their workflow and process for the character in the future.

You can tell how much love and effort has gone into this project from the intricate details on the stonework, in the flowers, and within the temple itself.

You can view more of the project here, and see what other pieces Farrokh Irani has created on their website.

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