Overwatch 2 season 3 will see the return of in-game credits

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Overwatch 2 season 3 will see the return of in-game credits
Blizzard Entertainment

Following many complaints from players, Blizzard is reintroducing credits to Overwatch after months of a new monetization system.

The details:

  • As Season 3 of Overwatch 2 approaches, Blizzard has announced in a blog post that the game will revert to the original game's credit system. Players will now receive 1,500 credits per season, with an additional 500 credits available to Battle Pass owners. To accommodate the change, the developer has reduced the cost of legendary skins to 1,500 credits, allowing each player to purchase one high-tier skin per season.
  • Seasonal skins will also be available throughout the year, which means that skins like the Snowman Wrecking Ball will be available outside of their respective events.
  • The original title allowed players to unlock skins through in-game lootboxes. These could be bought with real money or earned simply by playing the game. While many criticized the lootbox system for being randomized, it did allow players to receive one of the game's many higher rarity skins, as well as in-game currency to buy skins outright.
  • Blizzard removed lootboxes entirely in Overwatch 2, focusing solely on a coin system; however, a small amount of 60 coins could only be earned each week through challenges that would take a significant amount of time to complete. This meant players would have to play consistently for over 30 weeks to afford a legendary skin, and that's before you consider that the store rotated items, making those who didn’t choose to pay wait even longer.

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