Original Star Fox developer believes the series will return in the near future

by Danny Craig  · 
Original Star Fox developer believes the series will return in the near future

Dylan Cuthbert, a former Argonaut Software developer and Star Fox programmer, has stated that he is "sure" the rail shooter series will return in some form soon.

The details:

  • Cuthbert was asked if he expected Star Fox to return soon in a recent interview with VGC, and he stated that he is "sure" it will, despite his belief that later titles in the series have failed to capture the magic of its earlier entries. "I mean, they keep trying, don’t they? They keep trying, not quite achieving the original," said Cuthbert. "But I think that’s one thing – my opinion is that the original was born out of the UK Amiga-style 3D at the time, games like Star Glider or Carrier Command. It was born out of those and a bit of the Star Wars Arcade game, combined with Namco’s Starblade. And then there was all the Nintendo character building, all the characters and stuff, making it very family friendly."
  • The most recent game in the series was Star Fox Zero for the Wii U in 2016, which received mixed reviews due in part to its use of motion controls, with the screen console's gamepad controller also heavily incorporated into its gameplay. Despite its lukewarm reception among critics and fans, some, including character designer Takaya Imamura, have asked Nintendo to port the title to the Switch with improved controls over the years.
  • Cuthbert also discussed why Star Fox hasn't had the same critical success as the original SNES game Star Fox (Starwing in PAL regions) and its N64 successor Star Fox 64 (also known as Lylat Wars). He explained that the games either lacked on-rails shooter gameplay, like Rare's Star Fox Adventures, or they lacked "Nintendo character building," which has resulted in protagonist Fox McCloud and his comrades Slippy, Falco, and Peppy becoming iconic company characters, with Fox and Falco even appearing in multiple Smash Bros. games.

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