Nintendo teases an M-rated horror game with an unsettling trailer

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo teases an M-rated horror game with an unsettling trailer

Nintendo has released a mysterious trailer for what appears to be an upcoming horror game on its YouTube channels, prompting fans to speculate about what it could be.

The details:

  • A trailer titled "Emio" or "Smiling Man" in Japanese was uploaded to Nintendo's official YouTube channels yesterday. The trailer begins with what appears to be a grainy image of a wall, followed by a creepy figure dressed in a coat and a paper bag over its face. The rest of the trailer shows various shots of the individual and the unsettling smiley face drawn on the bag, followed by a close-up of a more intimidating face and Japanese text reading "Smiling Man".

  • The English uploads contain no additional information about the trailer or the project itself, with the exception of the description containing "#WhoIsEmio," which Nintendo has also posted to X. However, the Japanese version of the trailer contains a link to a new teaser site, but it does not contain any new information.

  • Fans are understandably puzzled about the project, as it is unusual for Nintendo to create an M-rated horror game and then reveal it in such a mysterious manner. Some speculate that it is a case of bizarre marketing for the Switch's successor, similar to PlayStation's strange run of ads in the 1990s and 2000s, but most believe it is simply a new IP for the Switch.

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