Nintendo says it has tightened up security following recent leaks

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo says it has tightened up security following recent leaks

Nintendo has acknowledged a number of recent leaks about its upcoming games and plans, stating that it has taken steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

The details:

  • During Nintendo's latest shareholder meeting (via @NStyles), its directors were asked about a recent situation in which a Google employee allegedly accessed private videos on one of Nintendo's YouTube accounts and then leaked the announcements ahead of time. The executives stated that they had been informed of the situation and that they were not only collaborating with partners to prevent leaks, but also educating their employees about general IT security.

  • It's possible that additional security measures were taken at Nintendo of Japan after accurate leaker Pyoro unintentionally revealed that their source was an employee of the company in a Bloomberg article. Pyoro has since locked their account, and it's worth noting that their previous "leak" about the Nintendo Direct proved to be false, suggesting they were given false information.

  • Leakers have existed in the gaming industry for decades, but their popularity has grown in recent years, with social media accounts such as Pyoro, Midori, and Silknigth sharing information about Nintendo, Sega, and Sony, respectively. Despite the fact that many claims have turned out to be true, some leaks have been completely incorrect or just vague enough to pass as correct, with Silknigth and Midori recently deleting their accounts after fans called them out.

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