Dead Rising’s Deluxe Remaster has been announced

by Danny Craig  · 
Dead Rising’s Deluxe Remaster has been announced

Capcom has announced a new remaster of its classic 2006 zombie title Dead Rising for modern platforms “with a brand new look.”

The details:

  • The publisher has released a short teaser trailer for the remaster, which features a graphically overhauled version of the game's introduction. Capcom has yet to reveal the game's release date or platforms, stating only that it will be available on the "newest generation of platforms," which most likely refers to the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, and possibly Nintendo's next system.

  • Protagonist Frank West has also undergone significant changes, both in appearance and voice, as it appears that previous actor TJ Rotolo will not reprise his role. Fans appear to be quite annoyed by the change, referring to Rotolo's performance as "iconic," and jokingly referring to the new Frank as "Frank East."

  • The original Dead Rising was a unique take on the zombie genre, putting players in the shoes of a photojournalist with only three days to discover the source of the outbreak in a fictional mall in Colorado. Almost any object in the mall could be used as a weapon, and an in-game timer enforced the three-day story limit, forcing players to concentrate on important objectives.

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