Nintendo files two new lawsuits against Switch pirates

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo files two new lawsuits against Switch pirates

Nintendo has filed two new lawsuits against Modded Hardware and r/SwitchPirates moderator James "Archbox" Williams for allegedly selling mod chips and providing advice on how to pirate games on the Nintendo Switch.

The details:

  • As reported by TorrentFreak, Nintendo claims that Williams, the moderator of the over 200,000-member subreddit r/SwitchPirates, used the platform to encourage piracy and provide additional technical assistance, which violates the DMCA and its copyright. The suit also accuses Williams of running "several Pirate Shops" where he offered "massive libraries of pirated Nintendo Switch games," and of bragging about refusing to pay for Nintendo titles.

  • A second lawsuit has been filed against Modded Hardware, which is owned by Ryan "Hombrew Homie" Daly. Nintendo allegedly contacted Daly in March and ordered him to stop selling MIG devices and modded consoles before taking legal action, which he agreed to. However, Daly reportedly continued operations, prompting Nintendo to sue the modder.

  • Nintendo has a history of taking its copyright seriously, including taking down videos created by online content creators for using game footage and forcing the removal of Switch and 3DS emulators Yuzu and Citra. Gary Bowser, a member of the hacking group Team Xecuter, was ordered last year to pay Nintendo $10 million in fines and 25–30% of his income for the rest of his life after being found guilty of multiple piracy-related crimes.

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