Dead Rising's Deluxe Remaster will arrive in September

by Danny Craig  · 
Dead Rising's Deluxe Remaster will arrive in September

Capcom has announced that the remaster of 2006's Dead Rising will be released later this year and will be built using the publisher's in-house RE Engine.

The details:

  • A release date of September 19 was confirmed at Capcom Next, when it will be available digitally on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, with a physical version coming later.

  • The Deluxe Remaster will include a number of enhancements, including revamped graphics with new models for its characters and environments, real-time shadows and lighting, high-quality textures, and "realistic" blood splatter. The game will also be playable at 4K 60 FPS and powered by the RE Engine, which has been used in many Capcom first-party titles in recent years.

  • Its new quality-of-life features include auto-saving, an improved user interface, and revised, modern controls. All of the characters in the game now have voiced dialogue, and the original game's heavily criticized NPC AI has been addressed.

  • The standard edition of the game is $40, while the hilariously named "Deluxe Remaster Deluxe Edition" comes in at $50. The Deluxe Edition includes 17 new costumes for protagonist Frank West, as well as 17 music tracks that can be heard throughout the Willamette Mall.

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