Nintendo announces remasters of PS1 classics Tomb Raider I–III

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo announces remasters of PS1 classics Tomb Raider I–III
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Nintendo has announced that remasters of the first three Tomb Raider titles will arrive on Switch early next year.

The details:

  • Lara Croft's first three adventures, which appeared in the late 90s on the PlayStation 1, PC, and Sega Saturn, are getting a new look while retaining their classic gameplay. The collection of games will be available on Switch on February 14, 2024, but there is no confirmation on when or if it will be available on PC or other consoles.
  • The game has been given a cartoon-like art style with improved textures, models, and lighting compared to the original games, as shown in its reveal trailer. Those who want to experience the titles with their old-school graphics can do so at any time by simply switching.
  • In terms of gameplay, fans can expect the same experience, with all expansions and secret levels from the various versions of the original releases included. Even Lara's animations and the game's "tank control movement" appear to have received little to no changes, implying that even actions like jumping, grabbing, and shooting should be the same in the remaster.

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