New in-game images of Starfield have been leaked

by Danny Craig  · 
New in-game images of Starfield have been leaked

A couple of new screenshots from Bethesda’s upcoming RPG have been leaked, giving us a look at one of the game’s loading screens and more gameplay.

The details:

  • The two screenshots were shared on the Discord server of self-described "Xbox news guy" IdleSloth84, with the screenshots allegedly originating from a build of the game that a user's "friend" is said to have in their possession. Although the source of the images seems rather suspicious, it appears that they are legitimately from the game, albeit in low quality.
  • The first screenshot shows the player looting a member of the United Colonies security team, Starfield's most powerful faction. The player in the image appears to have discovered a rare weapon from the corpse, but he is carrying what looks to be a modern-day AK rifle. The Starfield Direct Deep Dive revealed the same rifle, what appeared to be a Remington 870 shotgun, and the classic M1911 pistol, implying that modern-day weaponry will be present as early game equipment.
  • The second image, while less interesting, shows a blank loading screen with the player character's name, level, what appears to be their faction emblem and a tooltip that reads "The Targeting skill increases accuracy and range when firing from the hip." While this is nothing out of the ordinary for a Bethesda game, the aspect ratio of the screenshot has caught the attention of some, indicating that the developers have implemented full support for ultrawide screens, at least on the PC version.

What else do we know about Starfield?

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