New Bethesda event planned for March

by Danny Craig  · 
New Bethesda event planned for March

Microsoft is set to host a Bethesda media event at the beginning of March, separate to the Starfield showcase.

The details:

  • Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson reported that trusted sources told the publication that a new Bethesda event will be held in March. No details on which projects will be shown were provided, however. The media will be present at the event, but we don't yet know if the public will be given any insight.
  • The event is not to be confused with the Starfield showcase announced by Xbox in a blog post earlier this month, and that game will not be present. The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and Redfall are both rumored to be included, though. The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new major chapter this year, with a full reveal coming after Developer_Direct, so the event could potentially provide attendees with some extra details and gameplay before the game's full release.
  • Sources also claim to have confirmed that Redfall will be released on May 2, 2023, the original date that has been circulating on Twitter this month. More information about the title, including footage of the single-player and multiplayer modes of the co-op vampire game, will be revealed at Developer_Direct.

In other Microsoft/Xbox news:

  • Redfall and ESO, as well as Minecraft Legends and Forza Motorsport, will be featured at Microsoft's Developer_Direct event on January 25. The show will be streamed live on Xbox's official Twitch and YouTube channels at 12pm PT/3pm ET. More information on the showcase can be found on Xbox's official blog.
  • To reduce carbon emissions, Xbox has released an update that includes a power-saving standby mode. It uses a console’s internet connection and information from the local power grid to install updates when the power grid is using more renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels. Certain news outlets, most notably Fox News, have criticized the update for "trying to recruit kids into climate politics”.
  • Microsoft recently joined the wave of mass layoffs in the tech industry, letting go of 10,000 employees. Bethesda, 343 Industries, and The Coalition were all confirmed to be affected, with 343 appearing to be the most severely impacted. Our roundup of the recent layoffs can be found here.
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