Netflix increases hiring at its game studio

by Danny Craig  · 
Netflix increases hiring at its game studio

In December 2022, Netflix began posting more vacancies at its game studio in Los Angeles to work in a variety of departments.

The details:

  • A sizeable portion of new vacancies have opened at Netflix’s new game studio in Los Angeles. The studio was established in late 2022 with the goal of creating a brand new AAA title, which job descriptions pointed towards being a 3rd-person action RPG with shooter mechanics. Since our original article on the listings, numerous new positions have been posted to its careers site.
  • Similar to the original batch of director positions, the majority of the new roles fall under the experience level of "senior." However, unlike the original jobs, there’s a bigger selection when it comes to the sectors Netflix is looking to hire in. More marketing, QA, operations, and product management roles have appeared this time.
  • Although it's not explicitly stated in all of the job descriptions, it’s likely that a lot of the more hands-on positions will be working on the new AAA game, with other projects also in the works alongside it.
  • The new studio is led by the former executive producer of Overwatch, Chacko Sonny, who left Blizzard Entertainment in September 2021.

The jobs:

  • If you’re looking to score one of these new positions, you will need a significant amount of experience in a similar role, and in some cases, gaming industry experience. Five or more years are more or less necessary for over 50% of the jobs on offer, so it looks like Netflix is trying to get its senior management in place before opening up wider employment.
  • Fortunately, 11 of the open positions require four or fewer years of experience or make no mention of it at all. So if you’re not quite at a senior level just yet but are looking to work in finance, project management, or development, there are still openings for you.
  • Unfortunately for remote workers, only a handful of jobs outright state they’re open to remote working, so you’re limited to a much smaller selection at the moment.

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